Brand Identity


Our Role

Art Direction, Brand Identity, Brand Writing, Concept Development, Digital Publishing, Motion Graphics, Physical Environments and Exhibitions, Print, Research and Strategy, Web Design and Development, UI / UX Design, Video Direction

Project Details

The EquityZen brand represents a commitment to bridging the gap between visionary investors and transformative private companies, ensuring transparency, accessibility, and simplicity. No Filter set out to distill that promise into a single mark. The result is a logo that embodies the company’s commitment to fostering “Growth with Intention” for investors commited to shaping the future they want to see. Drawing inspiration from Zen philosophy, the logo incorporates the concept of “The Middle Way,” a path of balance between extremes, representing harmony, balance, and growth. This graphic device sets the stage for a diverse but coordinated brand system that has allowed EquityZen to define itself more clearly while remaining agile within the fast-paced ecosystem of fintech.